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A Shared Vision

Set yourselves up for success!

Take the incredibly powerful step of owning your desires as individuals and then come together to create your shared North Star vision for your partnership

Intuitive private coaching session to explore and gain clarity on your desires as individuals

Deep insights into your relationship dynamics and how to support one another

Clarity on your love languages, erotic blueprint and unique relationship style

3 coaching sessions, 2 individual and one together

No explicit sexuality in session

3 sessions $799 USD


Time for us (let’s get naked)

Learn the art of next level relating

5 sessions together and 5 individual

Deep dive, intuitive private coaching session to explore and gain clarity on your goals

Explore your body and energetic body to uncover what’s going on at all levels of your being

Integrate and heal old limiting beliefs, behavioural patterns and resistance to change

Accountability and rapid progress through customised homework which may comprise of somatic (physical) connection practices and Tantra practices

No explicit sexuality in sessions

Fortnightly sessions

6 months $4,997 USD