Can I cancel?

Yes, anytime. 

Why subscription?

In the same way as you cannot get fit overnight, creating results, a new mindset and habits takes time and commitment.  

What if I miss a week?

It's important that you stay as consistent as possible as this will keep you accountable and get you the best results. However, we do understand life happens and if you miss a week you may be able to do a make up session but on a case by case basis. 

How did you decide on your pricing?

I have created 3 ways to work with me because I really want this work to be available to everyone.

The group program is one of the best value offerings out there as an entry point, and the private packages are tailored to your needs.

Coaching is not cheap. And that’s not by accident or because I want to charge as much as I can. It’s simply because we value what we pay for. When we invest we get results.

Years of teaching yoga and coaching cheaply or for free proved it to me. People wouldn’t show up to sessions, they wouldn’t do homework, they would get the materials and never look at them.

When my retreats were $60, people said they were nice. Same retreat for $120 and people gave me good reviews. $250 and people raved about the results. It was enough investment for them to take it seriously, to notice what benefits they were getting. 

We don’t do coaching because there isn’t enough information out there. We do coaching because we are serious about getting results. We do it so we have someone to champion us, keep us accountable, take our hand and lead us down the path. 

How much is getting the love, sex and relationships you desire worth to you?