Feminine Advantage Program

This is THE program for you if:

  • You want to feel more alive, more freedom, more passion and more depth in your life

  • You are sick of feeling like you do so much inner work, but it sometimes feels empty and lonely or like it’s not quite working

  • You can see it, but you still get stuck being a ‘good girl’, people pleasing and putting everyone else first

  • Your relationship with yourself as a woman is up and down and hormones can wreck your day or week

  • Sometimes you can’t get out of your head and it’s making you feel guilty and anything but sexy and lit up

  • You want to learn how to connect to your wildest, most passionate and free self but you’re a little scared of what that might mean

  • You can feel that all of this is affecting your relationship or potential relationship, your career, and your confidence. And you are not imagining this!

    Come with me, and I’ll guide you to discovering what it means to be a truly empowered woman.

This is NOT for you if

  • you don’t believe inner work (journaling, meditation, breath work) can really change your life

  • you think working on your inner world should come after you have your outer world sorted

  • you aren’t ready to invest in yourself

  • you prefer watching from the sidelines rather than taking action

  • you feel like a victim in your life and that your circumstances are beyond your control

The Program

Ten powerful sessions in my signature rapid transformation program, combined with female specific practices to support your unique constitution and needs.

  • 10 private coaching sessions, weekly or fortnightly 60 min over zoom

  • Deep dive, intuitive coaching session to explore and gain clarity on your goals

  • Create an inner ecology of high vibration and alignment to free you to manifest what you really want

  • Integrate and heal old limiting beliefs, behavioural patterns and resistance to change

  • Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance

  • Accountability and rapid progress

  • Customised homework which may comprise of meditation, breath work, pleasure and Tantra practices

  • Integrate your mind and body to align with your goals to create your new Advantage blueprint

  • Optional jade egg work

  • Unlimited email and messenger support

  • 3 months, 10 sessions


Here’s what Stacey said after just one session.

“Lately, I've been feeling a pull to heal and uplevel. I'm an action taker you see, so I have no problems "getting shit done" in my business, or working on the strategy or anything else that floats the boat of my Type A personality.

But my soul has been craving deeper work. Whispers from the universe that in order to really receive my dreams, I've got to work on feeling worthy of it.

In just that first hour with Ruth, she helped me shine a light on a childhood trauma that I was holding within my body. This deep and fierce need to protect. An engrained pain related to my brother.

I already know my brother is a trigger for me, he's a heroin addict, something I don't often talk about, but something that has had a deep impact on me.

But this went beyond that. Ruth was guiding me through a practice, and we had to pause because emotion poured out of me, a release, a need to let go, that I had been holding on to for nearly 30 years.

And then she did something magic, that I have never experienced before. She helped me locate a source of love within my body and guided me to use that energy to heal and nurture that trauma.

It was freeing, it flowed from my chest to my lower back. I felt the tension melt, the pain reduce and the anxiety fade.

In that moment, I felt that terrified protector surrender. My own body communicating to itself "It's OK to surrender, you're safe. It's OK to let go."

The days following resulted in a lot of sleep as my body and soul released something that I had been holding onto since I was a terrified little girl, trying to protect her younger brother from a world that couldn't be trusted.

This is the work my soul needs to allow me to flourish. To release the trauma. To create space for love. To surrender to my own abundance.

That session gifted me with some much needed self-trust. By showing me that I already have an abundance of love and light within me, she helped me to feel empowered. By teaching me how to harness that to heal my trauma, she showed me that I do truly have everything I need within me to flourish.

If you've been stuck in a rut, if you feel like you’ve reached a block or if your life seems to be on a repeat pattern that's not where you want it to be - I strongly recommend connecting with Ruth.

She's a magician for the soul.

Thank you Ruth, you beautiful, talented and incredible woman - you're a true gift. 💖💖💖💖”

Are you ready to discover your own feminine advantage?