Feminine Advantage Mentoring

Bespoke mentoring for where you are at in YOUR business and where are the gaps/blockers/blind spots.

This is a program where you get to pick my brains and get sister to sister mentoring on all things mindset, business and abundance.

Some of the things we can explore are the essential daily practices I use to keep feeling inspired, motivated and in flow.

I will share all the little things that took me forever to learn but were the 20% of the 80:20 for my business and that no one tells you! How and what to do for content, how to work with or without a niche, what daily things you need to do to keep your business growing every single day.

I will lovingly call you on limiting beliefs and stories and give you the practical check lists and practices I use to keep my business.

It is not for you if you want specialist branding advice or in depth business coaching.

It is for you if you’re just starting out or wanting a review or refresh of your business and want to learn how to run a simple, effective business that is sustainable and fits your lifestyle. It draws on my 5 years of business development and working with several high profile business coaches 1:1 and in groups.

I don’t believe there is anywhere near enough mentoring for women available in the world, and have found there’s a gap in between the countless mastermind and coaching programs for something simple, sweet and supportive that gives you 1:1 without signing your life away for months.

30 days

2 sessions 1:1 via Zoom (worth $300 each)

Daily check ins and accountability as well as longer fortnightly calls

Unlimited text and email

This is the program I wish I had had when starting out in business!

Upfront payment $547 USD

Email to enquire via ruth@ruthsowter.com