Goddess Rituals


Goddess Rituals is designed to give you a delicious and deeply healing retreat experience and then take all that goodness and apply it in your daily life.

You will discover your inner goddess energy and how to connect with this in super simple and easy ways.

Goddess Rituals IS for you if:

  • You want to feel more alive, more freedom, more passion and more depth in your life

  • You are sick of feeling like self care is the last thing on your to-do list

  • Things you used to do for pleasure are starting to feel like a chore

  • Sometimes you can’t get out of your head and it’s making you feel guilty and anything but sexy

  • You want to learn how to connect to your wildest, most passionate and free self but you’re a little scared of what that might mean

  • You want all this stuff, but you also have a real life. You’re busy and don’t have time for elaborate rituals. Trust me, I’m both busy AND a bit lazy, and I got you on this one!

    Come with me, and I’ll guide you to creating your best year ever.

This is NOT for you if

  • you prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than to take action

  • you feel like a victim in your life and that your circumstances are beyond your control

  • you don’t believe inner work (journaling, meditation, yoga) can really change your life

What you get

A 3 hour Virtual Retreat held on Sunday 10th February, 2019 (1pm - 4pm Melbourne Australia time) to teach you all the practices and guide you through creating your own goddess self care plan (a replay will be available)

A week of brief follow up emails with audio or video recording of key practices you can keep to support your practice and keep the energy and inspiration high!

A 20 min virtual “coffee and cake” session with me to check in with you, connect personally and make any adjustments needed to support you to make the next 3 months your best, most goddess-worthy yet!

All of this is valued at $400, but to support you to have your best year ever, I am offering it at $97 or even $70 if you grab an early bird ticket!

Goddess Rituals

What’s so good about ‘Goddess Rituals’?

You have more control over your experience of life than you might think (or have ever been told).

When women learn how to make tiny adjustments to their lives and include conscious rituals to connect to their bodies and feminine energy, thier experience of life profoundly shifts.

Goddess Rituals will show you how to access and rejuvenate simply, through your own inner cycles.

You will learn how to use women’s yoga, meditation, Tantra and lifestyle practices and how to bring them into your life.

Let go of old, debilitating baggage and embrace your greatest source of power: your feminine/goddess essence.

You will get a well deserved chance to rest, rejuvenate, and revitalise for the year ahead!


  • Get a taste of life as a modern day goddess!

  • Enjoy a deeply soul nourishing virtual retreat including yoga, meditation and Tantra lifestyle practices

  • Connect with like-minded women

  • Learn how to connect to your body and mind to create tiny daily rituals to support your health, energy, mojo and step into living as a modern day goddess

  • Discover your innate goddess energy and watch the changes in your life unfold

  • Finish with a short personal ‘coffee and cake’ call with me the following week to encourage you, celebrate your wins, problem shoot, refine, and adjust your practice so it is perfect for you…. or just enjoy connecting, depending on your needs

Ready to join us, goddess?

Goddess Rituals