Jade Egg Basics

Create and maintain and delicious, positive and loving relationship with your body. 

This is sexy self care at it's best!

Self paced home study course - watch the intro here

5 lessons covering everything you need to know to learn the foundations

11 video lessons including step by step practice instructions

The jade egg comes from ancient China from the Taoist tradition, where it was used a spiritual practice to enhance sexual health and vitality. It is a small egg made of our of jade gemstone that you do pelvic floor exercises, like yoga, with.

It is an amazing tool for women for energy, aliveness, sexiness and confidence. It’s not always an easy gig being female in my opinion, and any secret weapon that make me feel amazing and lucky to be a woman is something I want to share far and wide.

Note - this course does NOT include a jade egg.

Course price: $149 USD