Jade Egg Rituals

The jade egg comes from ancient China from the Taoist tradition, where it was used a spiritual practice to enhance sexual health and vitality. It is a small egg made of our of jade gemstone that you do pelvic floor exercises, like yoga, with.

It is an amazing tool for women for energy, aliveness, sexiness and confidence. It’s not always an easy gig being female in my opinion, and any secret weapon that make me feel amazing and lucky to be a woman is something I want to share far and wide.

I am offering a 7 week Jade Egg Goddess VIP online course starting Saturday, September 1, 2018.

You will receive:

  • A weekly live practice session where you will learn a simple practice and a ritual that you can keep forever to use anytime (these are a safe, private space and actually lots of fun!)

  • Optional premium quality jade egg shipped to you

  • Advice and support for how to motivate yourself to practice and create your own powerful jade egg rituals in just a few minutes each day

  • Unlimited support in between sessions

Practicing with a jade egg is a holistic practice, benefiting your entire system.
Benefits - physical:

  • Increased sensitivity and orgasmic potential

  • Improved health of the whole pelvic area - hormonal balancing and muscle tone, good at any time and especially after having a baby

  • Supercharge your energy levels

  • Connect you to your body and sensuality

Benefits - energetic:

  • One of THE BEST healing tools I have seen and experienced for releasing trauma, conditioning and unpleasant memories

  • Builds deep appreciation, connection and love for your body

Your investment
The full course is $350 but if you book in before next Monday, 20th April, you can get the early bird price of $250 and save $100!! You can jump right in and pay now to get the early bird price, or email me and I'll send you an invoice and welcome pack next week.

Early bird available until Tuesday, 20 August



Full price after Tuesday, 20 August,