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  • Living life as an entrepreneur or career woman and making your own rules

  • Self care and pleasure

  • Slowing down to achieve more

  • Cyclical living and body wisdom

  • The feminine spiritual path

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Jade Egg Basics

Self paced home study course

5 lessons covering everything you need to know to learn the foundations & 11 video lessons including step by step practice instructions

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Goddess Rituals

3 hour Virtual Retreat

Sunday 10th February, 2019 (1pm - 4pm Melbourne Australia time) to teach you all the practices and guide you through creating your own goddess self care plan (a replay will be available)

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Feminine Advantage Mentoring

Learn the essential daily practices I use to keep feeling inspired, motivated and in flow, pick my brains and get sister to sister mentoring on all things business, mindset and abundance.

This is the program I wish I had had when starting out in business!

30 days

2 sessions 1:1 via Zoom

Week day accountability checks every day to a specific easy to use format and longer fortnightly calls

Unlimited text and email

This is the program I wish I had had when starting out in business!

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The Feminine Advantage Program

Tune in to your body to uncover your truth and discover Your Feminine Advantage

Deep dive, intuitive private coaching session to explore and gain clarity on your goals

Explore your body and energetic body to uncover what’s going on at all levels of your being

Integrate and heal old limiting beliefs, behavioural patterns and resistance to change

Create an inner ecology of high vibration and alignment to free you to manifest what you really want

Connect to your inner wisdom and guidance

Accountability and rapid progress through customised homework which may comprise of meditation, breath work, pleasure and Tantra practices

Integrate your mind and body to align with your goals to create your new Advantage blueprint

Weekly or fortnightly sessions

Email and messenger support

3 months, 10 sessions

Monthly instalments x 3 $1,333 USD, OR save $1,000 if you pay upfront $2,997


Couples Sessions also available according to availability.