Christmas Sexy Sparkle advent series

A tradition of mine is leading a free Christmas challenge each year exploring how to stay zen and peaceful through the holiday season.

But this year I wanted to give you more and draw on my newer training. I still want you to feel peaceful. But I also want you to feel playful, loved up and lit up inside!

I intend to give you something to smile about every single day, and to turn up the heat in your love life in December, so you’re batting away offers from new partners or knocking the socks off your existing one.

You don’t need to have a partner although some of the gifts might be fun to involve them if you want to. Regardless, it is guaranteed to heat up your love life and leave you smiling!

This is for women who want to:

✨ Feel sexier and enjoy the festive season

✨ Turn up the heat in their relationship

✨ Connect to their feminine energy and shake off stress

✨Feel more energy and flow

✨ Practice self care without breaking the bank or taking hours

What’s in the calendar?

💝 A daily love note from me delivered to your inbox with a fun and easy daily sexy challenge from December 1 - 25

💝 A weekly date night adventure

When we feel loved up, gratitude and joy are feelings that come naturally, and we are far more resilient to stress.

Because, fellow woman, I know you over-give. I know your self care is rarely for pleasure or relaxation. And I know you’re kidding yourself that it’s just ‘while you get through this patch’.

When women nurture their playful, sexy side the effect is

💃 Less stress

💃 More energy

💃 Higher self esteem & confidence

If you'd enjoy a daily check-in, some loving reminders to be kind to yourself and sexy little daily tasks that you can do in 30 seconds to 5 minutes to keep you feeling lit up - you should join me!

Note - I believe an amazing sex life happens more naturally when we are nurturing our erotic side, and feeling great in ourselves, than being about mastering mechanics or techniques. But those have their place and I do teach them. So this series is mostly about nurturing our sext side, with just a few practical, spicy details here and there 😉🥂

Please share with anyone you think might enjoy and join by contacting me with your best email for the series (you can unsubscribe at any time of course)

Let's make this our sexiest Christmas season yet!