I work with individuals and couples through private coaching and online courses

Maybe you feel...

  • Stuck and emotionally shut down

  • Stuck in an unsatisfying relationship

  • Keen to reclaim your sexual and self confidence

  • Feel hopeful but also introverted and/or skeptical and aren't sure this work for you...

I got you! I've been there. 

And I can promise you, this is effective work. It gets results and it transforms lives. 


  • Unassuming, deep coaching to get crystal clear on your needs and goals

  • Discrete calls where we uncover subconscious and unconscious belief patterns and behaviours

  • Nimble, customised programs of meditation, breath work and exercises to work on your mindset and body and to integrate and align you for success!

  • Work at the leading edge of  modern neuroscience and behavioural science and combined this with ancient wisdom from Tantra and Tsoaism

  • Super deep and lasting results based on working with the mind AND the body 

  • Creating a practice meditation, guided visualisation, breath work, yoga and jade egg depending on YOUR needs and desires!

  • Guidance and support 


"Ruth is a warm, genuine and down to earth coach -  right from the first session it's clear she walks the walk.  

Her experience, insight and wisdom shine through in her teachings, and she is immensely intuitive and supportive.

She can quickly take you to the place you need to be, and she has an incredible sense of humour so working with Ruth is fun and spontaneous, as well as deeply rewarding."

Alex, 33

“The two greatest gifts that I gained from working with Ruth were:  the ability to intuitively set boundaries, simply out of love and respect for myself and the ability to integrate the parts and pieces of myself.  

Ruth is non-threatening, non-judgemental, loving and kind.  Because this is who she truly is, these qualities radiate through her work.

The really amazing thing that Ruth does is to pull out those conflicting pieces inside of me and then she facilitates peace between my body, mind and spirit. This gift allows me to just know, love and appreciate myself, without question, conflict or doubt.

If you are at all thinking this work would be a good potential fit for you on your journey, do not hesitate.  Trust and know that Ruth will be the right fit; you won’t regret it. I am truly so glad that I did!”
Morgan, 34

"I was surprised how deep I went with Ruth and how quickly.

In every session I was shocked at what came up.

Ruth always knows exactly where to go and is deeply empathetic and intuitive.

I am finally starting to feel like I can be in control of my life and my emotions.

It's been so empowering."

Edward, 52

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