Have you ever had a week that changed your life?

Hi yogis

As yogis, we are always looking to explore and learn about ourselves but this last week felt like a leg up to new possibilities for my life and business.

I had the privilege of joining 9 women from all over the world for an Abundant Yoga Teachers retreat, run by my friend and mentor, Australian yoga teacher and business coach Amy McDonald. It was held in rural Thailand at the International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice.

We stayed in simple but elegant accommodation and followed a schedule of morning yoga, business workshops, one-to-one coaching, meditation and of course meals – local farm to table produce, all vegetarian and all delicious!

The theme of the retreat was ‘abundance mentality’ – something that doesn’t always come naturally to yogis, especially those of us who have grown up believing austerity to be the noble path. Let’s just say it was an at-times emotional journey!

Have you ever done something that you hated all the way through, only to be SO GLAD you did it afterwards?

We practiced yoga every morning as the sun rose over the rice paddies. It was a challenging practice and I was sore a lot of the time! But it left me with a renewed commitment to my own practice. If you want to make your life better, get a home practice. Not to replace going to yoga classes or the gym or crossfit or whatever you thing is, but as a foundation to support you in your work, relationships and health.

Especially because it’s when it’s most difficult for me to practice that is when I need it most. When I’m stupidly busy, or exhausted, or stressed out or anxious or overwhelmed and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and roll my mat out. One of my friends laughingly told me she hates her morning practice – until it’s over! That’s when she feels the benefit. The calm. The lightness. Focus. Clarity.

Don’t believe my bold claims? Try it for yourself and I promise you will not regret it. I have a special offer for first time clients at the moment and we can work live or via Skype.

Now I have another week doing a mix of things for work and pleasure in Chiang Mai. Tomorrow I'll be making mud bricks in the jungle, helping build a retreat centre for activists. Life is never dull!

Take care