Have you ever had a day that started well, and then something happens that completely throws you off?

Last week I wrote about the power of morning rituals. But sometimes, despite our best intentions, the day still goes awry.

Without strategies to deal with unexpected events, when something stressful happens, our whole day can get caught in a downward spiral, our stress levels go through the roof and we’re not much fun to be around…

Maybe your boss delivers bad news, or your partner is acting strangely. It could be a badly timed fire alarm at work, or interacting with a negative person.

Imagine knowing even when things go completely belly up, you have the skills to re-centre, regain your composure and feel better, even if not great (depending on what it was that derailed you).

Here are 3 of the fastest and simplest ways I know of to get your equilibrium back when something has thrown you off. If they seem obvious, ask yourself, ‘do I do them?’

Three Ways To Feel Better Fast

Move – get outside and go for a walk around the block or run up and down some stairs. If you have some privacy you can put on a song you love and dance for a few minutes. Do some sun salutes or jumping jacks. Move that energy through.

Breath – it’s so simple it’s easy to overlook but simply taking 10 slow, deep breaths can make a big difference. Another favourite is Lion’s Breath. Repeat 3 – 5 times for super stress relief!

Shift your focus – find a positive thought, even if it’s as small as a daisy in the grass and focus on it. A great trick is to do a quick gratitude list (at least 5 things and be as specific as you can), or think of three things you appreciate about yourself (again, the more detailed the better). Hold positive thought for a good 20 seconds to half minute. It’s literally impossible for your brain to go back into the exact same state as it was in before. This is a trick that you can sprinkle throughout your day, and you might be surprised how much impact it has. Try it once a day before bed, for a week, and let me know what you notice!