Confession time

I have a confession to make. I have often come close to burnout. I worry about EVERYTHING. I am a total hypochondriac, make way too many lists and get twitchy if the washing up isn’t done.

This is partly because I’m naturally super enthusiastic, eager to give, and have my eye on the big picture. Which is great, except that it can easily slip into not enough sleep, forgetting to eat or eating crap, exhaustion and being so caught up in my head that I am not present for myself or anyone else.

What’s worse, is when I get stuck in this mode, I die a little bit inside. I harden. I stress out. I am not much fun to be around. And then, when all it falls over, as it invariably does, I feel guilty, angry with myself and super critical and judgemental.

For years I thought that the problem with all this was my inconsistency. That if I could nail the right routine and STICK WITH IT I’d achieve great things. It’s taken me literally years of study, self reflection, yoga, meditation and working with amazing teachers, to realise that what I really needed to learn to do was not to try and be the same all the time, but to rock my inconsistency rather than fight it. To learn to lean into chaos and experience, and find ways to continually rebalance.

Now rather than feeling like I’m never quite there, I feel really good in my life and my body, and that while my life is far from perfect, I can handle anything that it throws at me.

The good news for you is that I’ve done the exploratory work for you, and can help you shortcut your way to to a super-charged, inspired and empowered way of living.   

So, I hear you thinking, ‘that’s great Ruth, but WTF are you actually talking about’?

What I am talking about is a lifestyle approach that is both structured and unstructured.

I have a whole online program dedicated to learning about the unstructured informal side, that will be available later this year. It’s a program where you decide on the pace, tools and outcomes you want to achieve and I am there to support and guide you every step of the way.

But I truly believe that everyone benefits from structured breaks: periodically taking deliberate time out to step back, slow down, recharge, and replenish our inner resources for inspiration and vitality. In doing this we reconnect to our inner selves, you know, the kind of natural ease and comfort that children have but that we lose touch with as we grow up and get busy, busy, busy.

Feel like you could do with some of this? Come and join me for one of my Autumn mini-retreats, in Brisbane or Melbourne! Places for Brisbane are filling up fast.