Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Just a really quick post this week... I was at a series of talks earlier this week where people spoke about turning points in their lives. One woman talked about the struggle of getting over her husband’s suicide. Another talked about volunteering in Rwanda in the 90s and finding God. They were pretty epic topics. But the discovery both made that changed their lives and enabled them to cope? Learning to be kind to themselves.

It struck a chord with me because even though I know this and I teach it, I still have to keep re-learning it. Often when I feel like things are somehow off and life feels really hard, it’s because I’ve forgotten this. It’s that thing where the tendency of wanting to do the best we can, and be kind to everyone else, can mean we forget to support ourselves through the process. We’re kind to everyone, except ourselves.

So today, as an experiment, think of one little kindness you could extend to yourself, and then do it. It could be just getting away from your desk for lunch or cutting yourself some slack for not getting to the gym as much as you’ve wanted to lately. It is that simple but it does take practice.

And if you really want to be kind to yourself, why not come and practice self care at a yoga workshop? Come and recharge your adrenals and self love and shed some of those layers of tension and fatigue that are currently between where you are not and feeling your best!