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... (after you watch my 30 min video – just kidding)

Have you ever experienced fear of missing out (or FOMO)? Do you sometimes have trouble saying no to things even when you’re already over stretched? Or perhaps you know the sense of anxiety you get when you can’t get through all the reading or webinars or trainings you want to do at work– and have a constant sense that there’s some breakthrough contained in that thing you haven’t quite gotten to, or you’re about to miss something huge that’s going to happen?

If if you relate, you’re in good company. FOMO is now considered an actual mental health syndrome and while it’s defined as being about personal lives and fuelled by social media, I think it’s possible for the phenomenon to creep into all aspects of life.

When I quit my full time job earlier this year, I imagined that my life was about to become more simple. I had been working and maintaining yoga teaching on the side, so I figured working on just one thing had to be more straightforward, right? Wrong!

If anything, I’ve found FOMO gets out of control even more easily, and I thought it was really just me being easily distracted. But the more I work closely with my students, the more I see this is a really common story. In our society, we have so many voices clamouring to be heard and modern marketing methods being based on creating a conversation with you, it’s not easy to know which to listen to and which to ignore. We naturally want to try out things that looks promising but this is impossible because there’s simply far too much to ever get through.

And the thing that we lose in trying to work out which is worthwhile actually costs us something that is very precious. Time.  

So my aim is to give you as much value as I can without adding to the general noise or the time demand or FOMO that you can’t do it all.

This is why, unless you sign up for a particular event or course with me, you won’t get more than one email a week. It’s why I try and scale all my offerings to be as accessible and do-able as possible.

This is why I love mini challenges! The aim is for a commitment that anyone can do, for a price that is not going to prevent anyone from taking part and benefitting. The challenge will gently tweak your life in a positive way, without adding pressure. So you can start to feel the affects that little changes can make and what works best for life almost effortlessly.

Each day you’ll receive an email from me with a contemplation for the day and you can choose to either read that and take 10 deep breaths, or read on a bit more for some concise and relevant information. It’s designed to be a note of encouragement, inspiration and support for you. And because it’s spring, much of it will be inspired by the season and all about de-cluttering, cleansing and new beginnings.

The one thing I really do encourage everyone to do is to track their practice, so you can see how you’re doing and reward your progress! Really important.

If you haven’t signed up there's still time (click here) and if you have any questions, let me know!