Letting Go Isn't Always The Hardest Thing...

Have you ever done a big clear out of your cupboards or desk, only to find in no time at all they’re full to bursting again?

Autumn’s natural theme is about letting go of things we don’t need, so we only take what we do into the harsher months of winter.

I love this because we all have so much stuff! We all have too much stuff and are under a constant barrage of marketing to convince us that we need more, different, more!

But we have enough stuff, more than enough, usually. What people crave now is connection. Connection to ourselves, to others, to some sort of deeper purpose. And sadly, this need for connection and belonging isn’t satisfied by social media and 24/7 connectivity. Once the initial thrill on response from social media interactions has worn off, these technologies have been shown to leave us feeling worse, not better. You can read more about the impacts on millennials here.

The good news is that when we clear out stuff, whether it’s physical stuff like crap on your desk, your kitchen or wardrobe, or emotional/mental stuff like unhelpful belief systems, we literally make space for something new and better. What’s more, little things can have a big impact. It’s called the millimeter shift, one tiny move in a different direction can set up a whole chain of different effects.


So here’s my challenge to you for this week. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is doing one or all of these:

-       Chose one spot at home or work and clear it out! Make it a small but be ruthless. For inspiration see Be More With Less here.

-       Chose one thing that you say all the time that is negative (we all have them) and change it for something that is more empowering. For example if you find yourself constantly saying ‘I’m too busy’, try ‘that’s not my priority right now’ or, ‘I can’t afford that’ to ‘I’m choosing not to buy that”.

-       and my favourite – chose one thing to say no to this week. It could be a meeting, a social engagement, a phone call. Your choice.

Lots of love