Deciding To Invest…

Have you ever done something that seemed crazy that turned out to be one of the best decisions of your life?

I have, many times! But what I’ve realized it that what might have seemed like an overnight shift or a crazy change, always starts with personal investment a long time earlier. What we put our effort into is what we draw into our lives.

Not so many years ago, when I was broke, I was the Queen of Freebies. I couldn’t afford to do a lot of things I wanted to in money terms, but I invested what I had, which was time. I did a ton of free courses, volunteered for things and did a lot of online research and reading forums - scabbing as much info as I could without paying. I got so much value, it was fantastic.

But then this shifted when I started working and got into a committed relationship. Time wasn’t something I had anymore, but I still didn’t have a lot of money. I still did a lot of reading and had my daily yoga practice, but I didn’t do any workshops or ever go on retreat or anything like that - I would have told you that was too selfish or frivolous or I was just waiting until I had paid of something.

It was only when my marriage was on the rocks a few years ago that I decided I had nothing to lose and started to do some of the things I’d been wanting to. I picked what I felt were way out there, whacky things, as well as more sensible ones. I studied women’s hormonal health, got an Astrology coach, and I went on a yoga retreat in Tuscany with Sadie Nardini that cost half as much as my car.

What I learned is something I don’t want anyone else to have to learn the same way. If I had been investing in myself more all that time, it might not have come to the point where my life was falling apart. I am not saying that my marriage would have lasted, but I am saying I would have been operating from a place where I was recognizing my own value. Being a martyr was hurting me, and it wasn’t helping anyone else either.

When we invest in ourselves we are investing in making the world a better place for ourselves and everyone else. We need to stop waiting for the right time, right weight, right age, right bank balance, and take of ourselves NOW.

I’m at a point now where I get to do such rewarding work that I often have to pinch myself. I’ve invested, and continue to invest in my own development, just to the edge of my comfort zone.

But as I’ve begun to upscale my programs, I’ve had to create a wait list for my mentoring program (a nice problem to have I admit!) as I can only work with a few people at a time. I am also really aware that not everyone can afford to work with me.

So for my birthday I am giving away a few things

-       Self Care Like a Boss PDF guide

-       Decluttering mini challenge which starts next weekend

-       One ‘mini mentoring’ package with me. In this 45 min session we’ll work together to create an ideal daily practice for you that will leave you feeling outstanding!

Lots of love