The Law of Threes

Have you ever started the day feeling really motivated, only to be so tired at the end of the day that you end up skipping the workout to collapse on the couch and order takeaway?
Some of this could be you are actually just tired, but another factor at play is a thing called ‘decision fatigue’.
When we are constantly bombarded with tiny decisions each day, like what to wear, eat, reply to the email now or later, etc etc, it can be overwhelming and actually prevent us from being present enough to do our best work, let alone notice and enjoy our lives.
This is part of power of routines. When we do the same things each day, it means our brain can focus on other things.
Here are 3 ways you can simplify your decision making right now:

  • Make your big decisions early in the morning while your mind is still fresh. Better still, chose 3 things you want to achieve today – just 3. It might not seem like enough but try it! You might be surprised how much mental energy it saves.


  • Law of threes. Next time you have to make a decision, narrow it down to 3 and choose one. Don’t like any of them? Pick another 3, but don’t let it become 9. You might be surprised how much faster you can make a call.


  • Go minimalist. This works especially when it comes to clothes. Creating a theme for what you wear, almost like a uniform, makes getting dressed so much easier and you can always use accessories if you feel bored. Truth is, most of tend to wear the same things over and over again anyway.

Lots of love