Your Yoga Lifestyle - what could that look like?

Imagine have a post yoga glow more often than not.  Picture yourself feeling lithe and strong in your body, calm and confident, effortlessly achieving the goals that are important to you without struggle and connecting with people more easily. This is entirely possible with the right support!
Your Yoga Lifestyle
Have you ever gone to a buffet and been so enticed by all the beautiful food you ended up eating way too much and eating a weird blend of foods as well?
That’s been me over the last few months with my business. As I’ve branched out into coaching and different women’s health programs and different events I created a Ruth’s business buffet that has been a bit confusing according to your feedback – thanks for letting me know!
So I have taken a dose of my own simplicity and minimalism ethos and combined all the best of my work into one new package. It’s called Your Yoga Lifestyle and it’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself!
It comprises all the elements I work with people on, in an affordable package where you can mix and match the bits you like to really make it work for you.
Why I believe this is the best program of its kind. It is based on 3 things:
Yoga or mindful movement
Things my students have achieved

  • Getting pregnant within 2 months after years of trying
  • One student was able to quit pain killers for back pain they had been on for over 20 years after introducing a half hour of yoga once a week
  • Toning up and losing weight
  • Using a morning practice to up-level their focus, productivity and confidence at work

Habit mastery & social support
People helping people achieve their goals works. But it needs to be someone who is not a close friend or family member (sorry!). Some of the things my clients have achieved

  • A client with anxiety who wanted to perform well in an audition who landed the role with a standing ovation!
  • going to the couch to a half marathon
  • one client worked with me on her business goals and doubled her sales in one month

Retreating & inspiration
Some of most incredible results I see are not things that are measurable. How do you measure improved focus, sense of self-worth, feeling good in your body, happiness or peace? How do you measure flashes of insight like realizing you need to leave a marriage or you want another child? All of these things happen with soul work.
Every single time I run or attend a retreat, things like this result.
So I’ve included retreat time into this program, as well as an interactive online check in that will include a really short education/inspiration burst and a chance to interact with others in the group. In these sessions we’ll delve into seasonal living, cyclic living and whatever topics or burning questions you want to explore.
So this is my new baby. As always, I want to give you the best possible value so I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the name, the content, all of it!

Have a great week. 
So much love,