Hey SuperWoman!

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You're a smart, successful woman and, for a while there, you seemed to have it all.  But then, the apocalypse happened. Maybe it was something as heartbreaking as divorce or an affair, maybe it’s been a series of minor catastrophes rather than a big one, or maybe you see it on your horizon;

Have you experienced a major life change that’s left you reeling and dazed?

Is your love life a mess or non-event, leaving you feeling lousy about yourself and like you may as well give up

Do you ever think you’re going to have to settle for a loser or a jerk or have an affair with a married man because that’s all that’s left or all you attract?

Are you craving feeling more powerful, more happiness and joy, energy and hope for the future?

Do you feel a lack of being able to enjoy yourself and feel playful, to know you can attract what you want and need, and be who you truly are?

If any of this is a yes, I need you!  I’m doing a market research. I am a Sex Love and Relationship coach who helps women come back stronger than ever after a major life change.

I’m looking for women to have a 20-30 minute talk with me over Skype, so that I can get more clear on your desires, goals, things you want to change in your life, and what drives you forward. This is not being published or shared anywhere, it’s a way for me to create a customized coaching for this specific topic. So feel free to reach out even if it’s a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Seriously, you ladies are already my heroes. I see you and I feel you and you impress me every single day! But now I need YOU, or if it sounds like something your friend, family member or colleague, would be interested in, I'd be really happy if you would want to connect us!

Please comment or email me if you feel that you can help, or that you’d just love to share your experience with me.