Creepy Yoga Sex Cult?

Confession: I never actually planned to be a sex coach.

I don’t like being the centre of attention let alone on my soapbox about sex and body positivity and exploring relationship styles.

When I discovered Tantra I was a yoga teacher with a corporate job in a very experimental stage in my life.

I had just come out of a 17 year relationship and was dealing with the shame and grief from that, as well as working out who I was outside of that.

I had literally never been on a date and I had no idea what a sex life for a single person could look like.

So I studied Tantra and did a jade egg course and it was life changing!

I saw my friends struggling with the same issues I had and they constantly asked me for advice but I recommended courses and they didn’t take them up.

This stuff seemed so important to me but no one was listening! Or benefiting.

When I started studying with the Tantric institute for Integrated Sexuality i thought it would just be side gig to yoga but it still took me months to get brave enough to tell my siblings let alone my parents.

I told them at lunch one day and there was a big pause. I took a big bite of my taco only to choke as my brother observed dryly, ‘oh so you’re starting a creepy yoga sex cult?!’

Even last year I was trying to get women to work with my teacher- who is amazing!

But they didn’t want to. They want to work with me.

So I’m doing it.

I’m teaching how to heal heartbreak, explore and own our sexuality, break free of cultural conditioning, get better and deeper relationships, more pleasure and set ourselves free!

I am even teaching women how to put a jade egg in their vagina and do exercise with it. Yes really. Hit me up to find out more.

This stuff changes lives. It’s too important to be quiet about.

I was a reluctant sex coach.

Now I’m owning it. I am a fearless leader of sexuality. And it feels good!