A few of your questions answered...

Happy New Year!! 

This week - answering your questions! Next week you'll get some special offers just for this group for ways to work with me and some awesome freebies (or reply email me if you can't wait)

  • What happened to the yoga? I am focusing on Love, Sex and Relationships coaching for the next couple of months but don't worry I will still be doing some yoga retreats later this year. The yoga hasn't gone it's just taking a back seat for a bit.


  • Why the change? Because after over a decade and a half of exploration and study I discovered that what people need to be happy is healthy relationships - with ourselves, each other, and our sexuality. It's not a path I was expecting! But I am so passionate about it because it works! We can stretch and talk until we are blue in the face but to really work out our shit we have to work with the body. 


  • This is a natural evolution in many ways. The Tantra and body based coaching I work with now is just yoga at a deeper level. It's the fastest,  most powerful way to feeling incredible and getting the intimate life we want that there is. I've seen it over and over in my own life and with my clients.


Things I help people with

Self love and confidence, healing heartbreak, recreating passion and intimacy in their relationship, attracting a relationship, exploring relationship styles, having a better orgasm, having an orgasm at all, feeling like they can love again... this is just the start, there's loads more. 

And it all starts with self love.