Why Self Love Matters

There is no situation on earth that feeling like shit about ourselves improves.

Self love gets a bit of a bad rap sometimes. It can seem like every second person on social media has decided they’re a self love expert and carries on about buying roses and getting pedicures. But if you’re a skeptic like me, you might think that sounds nice, but really is it important? I seem to be getting on fine feeling less than loving about myself.

But it is that important, because it can transform your life to be a hell of a lot easier and more enjoyable. It makes us A TON nicer to be around for other people. But like a lot of things, people get confused about what it is.

What self love is

  • It’s a feeling of worthiness
  • It’s being able to ask for what we need
  • It’s a sense of being as good as anyone else
  • It’s feeling ok in your body just as it is
  • It’s knowing we don’t need to be perfect to be lovable
  • It is being ok with sometimes people not liking us
  • It is about taking responsibility for getting our needs met

What self love is not

  • Self love is not narcissism! It’s not thinking we are better than anyone else
  • Not taking responsibility and blaming other people for your life
  • Thinking you never make mistakes
  • It’s not about ‘treating’ ourselves with things that improve our appearance - this is cloaked insecurity and approval seeking

The absolute BEST WAY to get self love is by connecting with our body. I found this out by accident! (or I thought it was accident, my teacher knew all along). I realised that whenever I was working with ‘embodiment practices’ a fancy term for connecting with the body, I started feeling really good. Grounded. Calm. Turned on. Happy for no good reason.

It’s important to note that I wasn’t disconnected before that. I had been a student and teacher of yoga for several years at this point. But I wasn’t connected in a loving way.

That’s what inspired my 10 min tantric yoga practice for women.

It is also one of the reasons I work with the body in my coaching. Working with the body is SO POWERFUL! It’s the key to lasting change, the key to our insight and wisdom, our pleasure, power, potential.

I get gushy and excited when I talk about this but it is truly extraordinary what can happen when we start relating to ourselves and our bodies with love and sensitivity.

Lots of love,