Please Don’t Tell Me It’s Because Mercury Is In Retrograde

Please don’t tell me it’s because mercury is in retrograde.

Or that I need to ‘get out of my own way’.

Or that I need to ‘work on’ my worthiness or self love or money story or whatever it is.  

I know I am going to step on some toes here, but seriously, I am so sick of hearing these things!

People say this stuff all the time and it is incredibly unhelpful.

All of these imply that things are either outside of our control (in the stars) or straight forward (like we should just be able to do them).

Here’s the first one-  if you’re having communication breakdowns, astrology is not a reason for avoiding personal responsibility. Yes, sometimes shit happens and maybe it is because of the stars, maybe it’s because someone from an alternative universe is messing with us but whatever it is - we have to focus on the bit we can control.

Because another maybe is that we could learn to communicate better.

A yoga teacher friend of mine once didn’t get paid for 6 months and the studio manager laughed and told her it was because mercury in retrograde when she was doing the invoices. Another friend was told that her fighting with her boyfriend would naturally sort itself out when mercury realigned.

Seriously?! Massively unhelpful.

Then the other statements people toss about like they are insights or wisdom about what inner work people should do. Let’s have a little more compassion.

No one feels lousy about their worthiness out of laziness. No one feels awful about their body from choice.

It comes from deep conditioning that can be worked with, but takes either a long time or working with someone with the skills to guide deep transformation or sometimes both.

I work with communication, self love, worthiness, social and cultural conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Almost everyone (including me!) can get better at communicating and can learn to release unhelpful patterns. It’s amazing.

But it is only possible when we drop the excuses and practice deep compassion for ourselves and others.