It’s funny how vibrators are considered totally acceptable, but people still freak out about jade eggs.

It’s funny how vibrators are considered totally acceptable and normal these days, but people still freak out about jade eggs.

Yes, there are some people working with jade or yoni eggs you can find who are a bit ‘out there’ and make some big claims.

Not unlike yoga. Or meditation. Or even a lot of business development people these days.

What is a jade egg? It’s a little gemstone egg women put into their vaginas and do yoga with. There are also yoni eggs which can be from other gemstones, but the benchmark safest eggs to use are made of high quality jade.

Most of the people kicking up a fuss about how bad the eggs are make it obvious in what they say that they don’t understand how the eggs are meant to be used.

But shaming women for trying something to enhance their relationship with their own bodies and sexuality says a lot about our society. It’s ok to get off. It’s not ok to get too deep and spiritual about it.

What I know is that the jade egg is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen for helping women learn about and love their bodies.

Which to me, makes it a tragedy if any women get put off trying it.

But I also get the fears. It took me years to come around to the idea of trying it. I would imagine myself in a room full of other women, eggs in hand, and my mind ended it right there. When I realised I could learn it all online, I felt a lot safer.

The truth about jade egg practice... it really is a lot like yoga.

  • You want to learn it from someone who knows what they’re doing, preferably with an actual qualification, not just someone who is passionate, because they will teach you how to do it safely and explain the hows and whys

  • You might not think a lot is happening to start with but you get better at it and you feel more and more

  • It is astonishingly powerful for creating self love and self acceptance

  • The health of your entire pelvis improves as you gain more muscle tone and awareness

Like yoga, the list of benefits could go on for pages as there are lots of different ways you can use the egg.

Before I did my first jade egg course, I don’t think I had ever felt self love. It crept up on me by surprise about 2 weeks in, and it was blissful. I was happy for no good reason, but I realised then, our relationship with our bodies and sexuality has a much bigger impact than we might logically think.

Even with this, I still didn’t see myself teaching it. But you know what, it’s too good not to. I see so many women with up and down body relationships and I know how much this could change things for them.

I’ll be sharing my new online beginners/refresher course in the next couple of weeks and doing a free live Q&A next week to share all the details. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions beforehand.