Why Your Desires Are Important

If there’s one message I want everyone to know, it’s this.

You are allowed to have your desires. They’re not silly or unimportant. They’re more important for quality of life and spiritual meaning of existence than you might think.

It’s ok to want to feel sensual. It’s ok to want to feel loved and safe and like you belong. It’s ok to want to feel good in your body and amazing as a man or woman. It’s to want to feel fully accepted and free. It’s totally ok to want to have relationships that feel deep and connected and passionate.

One of things that surprised me the most in studying human sexuality was how much there is profound dignity in owning our bodies and sensuality. It’s like when we don’t, we are only part of ourselves.

When I reclaimed my sexuality, it was in the aftermath of divorce and really felt like I just had to own my shadow (failed marriage) and my sexuality because I wanted to one day date and to have worked through my guilt and shame enough for it to not define my life. It’s a cliche, but this breakdown became one of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve experienced.

But I would like for you to get this without necessarily major life upheaval!

Here’s the other thing, there’s no one way for happiness to look.  

Maybe for you, your truth is to be androgynous more than masculine or feminine. Maybe you’re craving validation that your sexuality doesn’t look like mainstream sexy, or that it’s ok if it does! It is all welcome. It is all valid.

When we don’t have free expression of our sexual/sensual side life can feel really hard. It can feel like we are always struggling at some level and we might decide it’s easier to give up on certain things. I am not saying you can have everything, but I am saying there are ways to meet our needs with love so that we don’t feel life we have to give up on aspects of ourselves.

I’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks about HOW to connect with and start to follow your desires in a way that feels natural and easy.

I will also be sharing how to actually incorporate these practices into your life in a practical way because often we know what we should do, but it’s hard to manage to actually do it. I’ll share my personal practice, how my partner and I use the tools, and what’s worked for my clients.

I will show you how to build into your life practice that will strengthen and light up your relationship with yourself and your partner. I will show you how to explore things like sacred sexuality (alone or with a partner) without feeling it becomes all very serious or prescriptive.

If you’ve got questions in the meantime, do reach out. Otherwise I’ll talk to you soon!

With love