Knowing The Problem Is Not The Same As Being Free Of The Problem

Ok someone has to say it - deep held beliefs and traumas are NOT healed by talking!

Unhelpful behavioural patterns, mummy and daddy issues, attachment styles - people talk about them all the time but decades of psychology have shown us one thing -

Knowing what the problem is is not the same as being free of the problem.

These patterns play out in our businesses, our relationships, the bedroom, our bank accounts, our health.

To break out of being ruled by these unconscious issues we have to involve all of the above AND work with the body.

Why? Because the body is the way to access deeper held patterns in our primal brain and nervous system.

Most of the things that hold us back in life are not flaws with our logic. They’re not even mindset issues.

They are experiences and belief systems about love and safety that are stored in our primal brain and body which we can only access through the body.

We need the other stuff (I LOVE a good talk or journal session), but without the body and spirituality pieces it’s like trying to do it all with one hand tied behind your back. Not very effective.

Examples of how this plays out

- Fear of being seen

- Fear of being abandoned/alone

- Can’t feel self love

- Don’t feel worthy or deserving

- Resistance to intimacy or vulnerability

This is literally coded into our system before we even have language. It’s not weak will or lack of inner work or alignment.

What we know works (science y'know) is this:

Working with a combination

🙏 Psychology - all the parts of the brain

🙏 Biology - the body

🙏 Spirituality - love heals all!

Working with just one or 2 of these can be valuable. But is unlikely to get you the deep and lasting results you want and deserve.

If you're intrigued by this and are sick of faffing with doing all the things and still going around in circles or feeling stuck pm me. I'll add you to my community and you can start to learn how to leverage your system to finally start getting what you want.