Two Things You Should Know About Me

There are 2 things you should know about me.

  • One, I have spent an inordinate amount of time seeking meaning and happiness in life;

  • Two, I am a compulsive sharer.

If I find something new that helps me I cannot wait to share it with basically anyone who stands still for long enough.

It’s been great for my career as my enthusiasm and passion can sell almost anything.

However I learned to be careful about what I share.

I quickly discovered it’s a horrible feeling trying to explain how amazing something is to someone you care about, only to find they take a set against it. They don’t understand. They decide it’s not for them based on the tiniest bit of information. And worst of all, they start to doubt you.

I now know this actually says more about the relationships I was in at the time than anything else. But it gave me a fear of sharing honestly.

I started keeping anything too complicated or important to me to myself. I started to second guess what I shared with everyone and to use what I did share to seek validation.

I am still often scared that what I share is going to be too hard for people to understand.

I’ve done so many things I draw on - yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, Feminine Spirituality, Embodied spirituality, positive psychology, energy healing, sexual healing, hypnosis, therapy and tons more. I’ve read most of the luminary thinkers like Ekhart Tolle and Byron Katie as well as the lifestyle gurus like Brene Brown, Russel Brand and Tony Robbins.

I am always learning but I’ve stopped jumping on the next thing because I’ve noticed it’s not about finding the right thing, it’s about applying what we learn. 10 different theories or multiple gurus can’t save us if we just consume them briefly before moving on to the next shiny thing.

The things I work with now are the things I have found to be the most powerful.

I believe the biggest factors to how we experience life are self love, relationships and empowerment (the ability to know and take action towards what we want).

And I believe the way to get there is a blend of working with our mind and our body.

I am still human and I haven’t mastered everything (or anything really!) in life perfectly but I do know these things for sure:

- The key to self love is the body

- The key to freedom is knowing how to work with the mind

- They key to amazing sex and relationships is truth and self responsibility

Which is all a lot more fun than it sounds!

I believe with all my heart the work I do in coaching is the most important thing we can do in our lives.

And every time I start to get quieter about it someone shares a story about something I shared that helped, or asks me to share more.

We need more people to talk about sex, relationships, life, in a more honest way so these topics become more normalised.

I often think about how we can do this.

How can we do this without evoking any shame, fear, or insecurity? In a way that is inclusive and accessible?

And I think the most important thing is to keep the dialogue going.

So I am going to keep sharing!

And I'd love to hear if you have things you'd like to hear more about.