How to fall in love more every day

How to fall in love more every day

A simple thing I recommend as a touchstone for couples is to create their own mini love rituals. People often think they need to spend a lot of time together or have deep conversations or sex marathons, but it can be way simpler than this.

Do you know each other’s love languages? Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages made them famous and they are quality time, touch, words of affirmation, gifts and acts of service.

Once you know these you can create super quick daily rituals you do together so you can stay feeling deeply connected and in love even when life is super busy and there’s a lot going on.

For example, a couple I know do 2 mins of eye gazing every morning, non negotiable. For them, this little Tantra trick. works a treat.

Another couple do it differently, he gives her 3 compliments each day, that are really specific and personal, and she gives him a hug or back run for at least 3 mins.

Did you guess that their love languages are words of affirmation and touch?