Shift Your Mindset Summit

Hey everyone

This is a special post to let you know about an amazing free series I got to be part of in September.

It's aimed at mum's but there's actually also a TON of gold in here for anyone interested in health and mindset.  

If you’re like most Moms, you may feel like you’re always on the go, short on patience and that taking care of your body is just another thing you are supposed to do but don’t have time for. Maybe you are having thoughts like…

  • I don’t have enough energy to keep up with my kids.

  • I wish I had the confidence to hop into that photo too… [or maybe something else health-related but not weight loss related]

  • I want to lose weight and be healthy for my family but feel like that will never actually happen…

This is why I want to introduce you to my colleague Susannah. A few years ago she underwent an intense 10-hour surgery to remove a large brain tumour (luckily benign!). After the surgery, her mind was plagued with negative thoughts like:

  • Will I ever get my body back?

  • The only thing that makes me feel better is food…

  • Will these headaches will ever go away? Am I going to be like this for the rest of my life?

 For months, she struggled with her recovery and was unsure whether she’d ever overcome her negative thinking, lose the weight she gained and return to the person she was before.

✨Susannah learned firsthand how essential controlling the thoughts in our head are for success; no matter what our goals are in life.✨  

It is for this reason that she decided to host a FREE online summit: ‘Shift Your Mindset: How Moms can command and transform their thoughts to achieve optimum weight, energy and health.’

Sign up to attend this free series all about HOW to shift your Mindset for abundant health!

Susannah interviewed over 20 experts - including me!  These short 30-minute interviews are gold and will help you shift out of any habits that hold you back and shift you into a space of motivation and transformation. 

In this series you’ll learn how to:

  • Break free from all-or-nothing thinking (and eating!)

  • Create a Wildly Alive body and mind

  • Clear out negative, self-limiting thoughts AND ‘Mom Brain’ for abundant health

  • Trust your body and regain your love for it too

After her surgery, Susannah realized how important getting healthy is - both in body and in mind. Because life is short and we need to take action today.  Register NOW to begin your own personal transformation into the fantastic version of YOU that you were born to be!

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