Why Yoga is Like Hairdressing

Have you ever had a haircut that looked good when you left the salon, but you could never re-create that look when you got home? Or worse, a haircut or colour that you hated even before you left?

I’ve tried everything, hair-wise. I’ve cut and coloured it myself based using books or YouTube, got a friend or partner to do it, used dodgy discount coupons, ‘Just cutz’ type places, expensive fancy salons. And the thing I discovered is, it doesn’t really matter what model of business it is – it’s all about the actual hairdresser. Finding the right hairdresser is a big deal. After all, we wear our hair every day, right?

Just as I’ve tried all the things with hairdressing, I really have with yoga teaching too.

What I’ve discovered is that what excites me is making a difference, and reaching people who are not already looked after.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but this is the reason my non-yoga background is all not-for-profits, education, and innovation start-ups. It’s the reason that even though I blush to mention periods in public and am a total prude, I am creating an online course about women’s neurochemistry and studying sexuality and relationships! The work I am studying now, beyond anything I’ve seen before, has the power to transform people’s lives.

My obsessions

·      Making a positive contribution to the world/helping people

·      Doing things that have real impact

·      Keeping a sense of humour

Which means I am not everyone’s cup of tea, or hairdresser, as it were. And I need to find my people!

How I am doing this

·      Teaching yoga to people who wouldn’t normally get to a class – office and private lessons especially

·      Through silent retreats for women

·      Online courses and mini challenges teaching the things that have worked for me and my clients

Last week I made the decision to cut out my part time work I was doing and go full time working for myself. And there is a significant pay gap now!

Could you help me out?

So I thought I would ask you, dear friends, if you could help me out. If you feel comfortable to, could you please share one thing I am offering with a friend or on another list, over the next week? Each category below is tagged to a special offer and I’ll be bringing postcards and flyers with me next week for the people I get to see live.

Private and Corporate classes

Mini retreats and Immersions

Online challenges and courses

Thing is, when we help each other, EVERYONE is better off. That’s what’s so beautiful about it!

Are there things you could do with some help with, that you’ve been too proud or shy to ask for?

What are 3 things you could ask for help with for this week?

(think, baby sitting for an hour so you can have so me-time, asking a co-worker to take notes at a meeting you can’t make it to, or asking for feedback at work, after an interview, from your partner.)

What are 3 ways you can help yourself this week?

You can check my self-care guide here or just jot down 3 easy things that you can do to make your life easier.

Lots of love